Life Of Katz – 2


Life Of Katz

By Kathy Long-Barker

Good morrow, fair friends and fiends!

In this week’s exciting episode I’m going to share the next piece in my series ‘Courtiers Of The Matrix Reign’; It’s called “The Queen.” 

Artwork by Author

She was a real fun one, because if i’m being honest, I didn’t know the truths she was telling until I was nearly done with her counterpart “The King.” I was standing back, looking at each piece I’d done, just revisiting the detail, when BOOM. Suddenly I realized the energy in the minutia of my paintings mirrored the lessons and truths that were being revealed to me in the history of our matrix.

 Disclaimer, the descriptions below are how I interpret my own channeled art. Take or leave anything. If it resonates, wonderful. If not, then shrug it off mate!

Here we have the depiction of a Monarch Sphynx sporting five arms. In spirituality the number five indicates a great change. What is the biggest harbinger of change? Suffering. Chaos. Discomfort. Things that force us to move. Some of the cruelest narratives imaginable just might be playing out right under our noses. Alas it’s easier to cry “conspiracy” than it is to actually look and hold space for every day monstrosities. Why? Because it scares us. Fear is uncomfortable. If we can’t fix it on our own, deny deny deny!!

In both the queen’s surroundings and hands she collects different aspects of suffering. 

One of her left arms holds a crimson jar of jam which to me spoke of the theory of adrenochrome. Tucked just beneath her elbow resides the naive little oysters who were later eaten. The left side of the body is associated with divine feminine and psychic energy. Whereas on her right side, she holds a three eyed dormouse. What happens in Alice in Wonderland when you rub the jam on the mouse’s nose? I’ll let you ponder that.

In her other hands she is seen fixing her tea. What portrayal will she pour today? She is the queen after all. Loyal subjects are subject to believe anything.

Photo by Author

Behind and to the viewers left  we see a feral Ariel imprisoned in an exploitive glass cage. To the viewer’s right a more demonic looking Geine in his usual lamp. Didn’t our boy Al set him free? Whoops.

Back to the left, we have a warped ship ensnared in a glass bottle. According to a little sparrow I know, a ship is considered to be freedom itself and bodes not with such confinement. Sounds a little like life right now doesn’t it?

Adding insult to injury, on the queen’s cheshire crown, we have a teapot with a pink elephant emblem. Alkuhl, or better known today as alcohol. The ultimate mass suppressant, depressant, and vibrational disarmer. Furthermore, just when we feel we can’t take anymore, overhead looms the little crocodile who pours the water of the Nile on every golden scale. The music industry has teeth is what i’m getting at
Nevertheless, darkness is a consciousness, and with it we grow. The winds of change at the very top represent that no matter what has happened, movement is eminent.  

Thank you for joining me! This time, with this piece I’ll introduce you to our next Cat, Tooty!

She’s the queen of our hearts and makes sure we know it.

Photo of Kathy Long-Barker

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