Cannabis and Weight Loss Part 3


Cannabis strains that can help achieve weight loss goals

by Veronica Castillo

Cannabis causes the munchies” is not all the way true. A lot of people believe that Cannabis leads to automatic munchies but, it’s important to point out that Cannabis can treat us all a little different from one another. Some get no munchies at all and others- get munchies no matter what. The most important thing is no matter if the munchies come or go- when making food choices- healthy food.

Cannabis can aid in weight management and weight loss– remember that terpenes and cannabinoids also work magic on the body! Terpenes and cannabinoids are responsible for many of the effects that Cannabis provides. People focus mainly on Sativa vs. Indica, and though important, focus should be placed on terpenes profiles as well.

There is a lovely relationship between Cannabis, health, and nutrition. Certified Cannacian and Wellness Coach has person experience consuming Cannabis to aid in weight loss and health:

Through my own experience with a daily cannabidiol regimen and a convenient nutrition plan, I have been able to successfully free my body from over ten prescriptions, countless over the counter medications, and accelorated my weight loss to celebrate 125lbs lost”.

Marijuana Break reports the following cannabis strains for weight loss management:

  • Durban Poison- Sativa dominant
  • Blue Dream- Sativa dominant
  • Grapefruit- Sativa dominant
  • Northern Lights- Indica dominant
  • Cherry Pie- Indica dominant

As for terpenes, Humulene reigns supreme for appetite suppressing properties. The presence of humulene in a Cannabis strain means that one can suppress their appetite and encourage healthy weight loss.

As a reminder, Cannabis alone may not get you to your weight loss goals. Cannabis consumed alongside exercise and healthy diet is the best way toward healthy and long-lasting results. It’s not just the plant that we have to learn- we have to learn the truth about the food we eat. Half of it isn’t really food and we are doing more harm than good.

Plants on plants on plants is how we will save ourselves, and the planet.

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