Let’s be friends

by Kayla Johnson It’s been a struggle to get medical marijuana legalized here in the state.  Even as the support for cannabis in Oklahoma has grown louder over the years, the opposition has grown just as staunch and stubborn in their views. These biases, from law enforcement or even our friends and neighbors who are […]

Yoga and cannabis – Relief and release

by Kayla Johnson As legalization, medical or recreational, begins to really build momentum and spread across the country, cannabis is beginning to find its way into more and more aspects of life. There’s cannabis beer for happy hour in some states, cannabis cafes and coffee shops are popping up in others, and it’s even started […]

Work and Weed in Oklahoma

BY: SARAH LEE GOSSETT PARRISH, CANNABIS BUSINESS LAWYER* *Information contained herein provides general information related to the law and does not provide legal advice. It is recommended that readers consult their personal lawyer if they want legal advice. No attorney-client or confidential relationship exists or is formed between you and Ms. Gossett Parrish as a […]

One More Puff of That Worry-Be-Gone

Who is Carter Sampson? by Levi Parham “So, what’s with all this stuff?” I ask, scanning the walls with my pointer finger. I am referring to the knick-knacks, shell-elephants (shellephants, she calls them) , shell-boats, skulls, antlers, horns, an Elvis shrine, odd paintings, blowfish, and coconut monkeys either hung from the walls or clustered onto […]

Growing the Cannabis Community One Mind at a Time

Lucky’s Grow Supply by Brittney Graham Lucky’s Grow Supply, 7507 Broadway Extension, is much more than just a cannabis growing supply store. It is a place where the Oklahoma cannabis community can grow, gather, learn, and empower each other. John Degerness, the owner of Lucky’s, dreamed up what his ideal store would look like when […]

Moon Pie

by Kayla Johnson Adversity in life, no matter the form, forces every person to choose. How they push through those difficult, trying, or heartbreaking times, either lays the foundation to build themselves back up, or has the potential to lead them to further distress and dismay later when consequences make themselves known down the road. […]

Sleepy’s Garden-Organics

O by Sleepy himself A lot of people are talking about organics now a days but they are still stuck in the chemical fertilizer mind state. To me true organics means you make your own nutrients. The foundation of organics is the soil and compost is the key to great soil. This month I wanted […]

Veterans see hope

by Kayla Johnson There’s no denying that our veterans go through hell in more ways than one. More often than not, our men and women in the service return to their loved ones wounded, ill, or injured, whether from a service connected incident or just a horrible accident at home. The Department of Veteran Affairs […]

WTF is Kratom?

By Kayla Johnson It’s no secret that cannabis has been villainized throughout the last several decades. Before it was effectively banned for use or sale with the Cannabis Tax Act of 1937, cannabis was used throughout the world in vastly different cultures as a therapeutic or medicinal aid for thousands of years. Now, just in […]

A look at taxes

by Rachel Kennerly, CPA 280E – the most feared and hated number/letter combination in the legal cannabis industry.    IRS Section 280E is the US tax code that prohibits businesses involved in the “trafficking of a controlled substance” from deducting expenses from their income.  And while medical cannabis is legal in more than half the […]

Brush strokes

by Jennifer Couffer It’s 6 am, I can’t sleep. All I can think about is how much my life has changed in the last year. Can you really take almost everything that a person knows and loves away from them and they still be able to find a way to survive? Well my heart is […]

Cinebis Film Festival

In January, Tower Theater will host a day long edutainment event in Oklahoma City…the Cinebis Film Festival. The roots of Cinebis Film Festival reach back three years, grounded in the Rocky Mountains and reaching both coasts now. Sprouted in Manitou Springs in the foothills of Pike’s Peak, Cinebis has also shown film in the heartland, […]

From Darkness to Light

by Ashley Sartin Story While my  life had, by no means, been a “bowl of cherries” leading up to November of 2015,  my life was very much like most everyone else I knew. Then I was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.   CRPS is a condition caused by damage to, or a malfunction of, […]

Consumption choices

by Kayla Johnson Cannabis has come a long way within the last decade as legalization spreads across the country.  There are hundreds of different strains available now, and even more hybrids. Along with all of these new strains that have been developed, there’s been an explosion of different products and ways of consuming cannabis. Quality, […]

Cannabis changes lives

by Kayla Johnson Instead of struggling with dozens of seizures or more a day, for example, children that need and have access to medical marijuana are able to actually live a relatively normal life, without the risks involved with a vast majority of pharmaceutical medications.  Many families have moved elsewhere for access to medical cannabis […]

Sleepy’s Garden-Home Grow

H When anyone talks about the legalization of medical marijuana in Oklahoma the talk of growing your own is not far behind. I think it’s in an Oklahoma’s agricultural nature to want to be self-reliant when it comes to herb. One of today’s popular movements is ‘Farm To Table’. People want to know what they […]

That good feeling

by James Bridges Let me admit something…I like to eat.  I like to eat good greasy food that most, or many, would say will eventually kill me.  So I called Levi to get a meeting place and asked if he liked hamburgers.  He said of course.  I was extremely happy. I invited him to meet […]


Enjoying her best life  by Yetta L. Bragg If we were to meet, you would not think I medicate with cannabis. I work in a profession where the topic does not come up often; however, I am always willing to share my knowledge to educate society on the benefits of cannabis.  I am an avid […]

Catching Uncle Grumpy on the road

by Conor Bohannon Chris Moe, “Uncle Grumpy,” is a widely known cannabis advocate in Oklahoma. Due to his very busy schedule, he is not always easy to pin down for an interview. Nevertheless, in spite of his many commitments, Uncle Grumpy graciously agreed to meet at Max’s Garage, a decent sized retro-industrial style bar in […]

Balancing with microdosing

by Kayla Johnson Now that cannabis is slowly becoming much more mainstream than it has been in the past, there are dozens of advancements in the consumption process. One of the latest concepts that has been gaining momentum is the idea of microdosing, a trend that’s been rapidly catching on.  It encourages patients to think […]

Divine Independence Ep 2

Smokey Okies High Tribe! In episode 2 of Canna Vibes our host sits down with the OKC Expungent lawyer and part owner of Smokey Okies Dispensary, Travis Smith! She also does two product reviews of @okcraftcannabis and @carteloil! You won’t want to miss it!

Women Cann

by Kayla Johnson The Oklahoma medical marijuana industry is off to a booming start. As of October 15, a total of 1,941 business applications have been received with 589 dispensaries, 925 growers, and 248 processors approved so far.  That’s a large number of new businesses in a very short time but, with nearly eight thousand […]

Sleepy’s Garden-Composting

C Compiled by Thomas Hibben In the back room of a new grow operation that is under construction in Shawnee I set up my back drop for some photos to go along with the interview.  I had never met Sleepy but was told I would know him when I saw him.  As I finished up […]


  by Sarah Lee Gossett Parrish, Cannabis Lawyer If you are a medical marijuana grower, processor, oklahoma dispensary owner, or a patient prescribed medical marijuana in Oklahoma, you likely agree that cannabis testing policies are needed to ensure that the product is safe, effective, and free of contaminants. Other states where cannabis use is legal—for […]

Chris Powell talks while others say nay

by Kayla Johnson With the passing of state question 788, Oklahomans have an incredible opportunity to create real, lasting change where it is needed. From our struggling economy to the state of our schools, there is no shortage of problems. While medical cannabis could be instrumental in addressing those problems, leadership in the state’s capital […]

Know your weed

by Kayla Johnson With the rise in medical marijuana legalization, the number of strains available has skyrocketed.  Some of them have been around for a long time while others are brand new and, while it is great for patients to have so many options, it can be a bit overwhelming if you are new to […]

Just the good ole boys

by Kayla Johnson It’s no secret that Oklahoma’s State Question 788 has as much staunch opposition as it does fervent support. To those who have worked to obtain signatures, or to help people register to vote, this is especially obvious. For those individuals, however, there’s something that matters to them more than the opposition and […]

Marijuana Plant • Its Medicine!

Compiled by Tim Landes Laura Bales is a Tulsan and full-time RN case manager for a regional hospice.  She is an advocate for marijuana plant usage in a medical setting and has been looking to get more involved since the passage of SQ 788.  She is the founder of the Oklahoma Cannabis Nurses Association and […]

Gun rumors = low MMJ license holders

by James Bridges “From what I gather, the OSBI says they are not interested in confiscating guns because of obtaining an Oklahoma medical marijuana license.” Representative Jon Echols, Majority Floor Leader and co-leader of the state’s medical marijuana legislative working group, wants to encourage those in need to apply for your state MMJ license.  He […]

From the ground up

by Tim Landes For nearly three decades Norma Sapp has worked to educate Oklahomans on marijuana, and has been a key member in getting laws like State Question 788 passed. In this interview, the state director for NORML discusses her work, the passage of 788, her thoughts on the upcoming governor’s race and where Oklahoma […]

Tip of the spear

by James Bridges It seems simple.  It is the equivalent to sitting in the local “best-kept-secret” eatery, ordering a meal with the finest ingredients, waiting impatiently as you give a quick few glances at the kitchen doors, and then finally the food comes.  You have no idea what went into the preparation.  You have no […]


by Chad Mathews My Grandfather, Carl, spent a lifetime building walls. My uncle, Royce, followed in his footsteps. Between them, I imagine they’ve wrangled armies of bricks and blocks and stones. I spent a few weeks one summer laboring for Grandpa when I was 16 or so. I hauled every brick, shoveled every grain of sand, wheel-barrowed […]

Divine Independence – Ep 1

Who am I? In episode 1 of cannavibes podcast our host Rayne delves into both @onlymrmacks THC lotion but also the products from @calirootsok dispensary. She also discusses just what this channel is about and what to expect from here! Positive Vibes always!