Tip of the spear

by James Bridges It seems simple.  It is the equivalent to sitting in the local “best-kept-secret” eatery, ordering a meal with the finest ingredients, waiting impatiently as you give a quick few glances at the kitchen doors, and then finally the food comes.  You have no idea what went into the preparation.  You have no […]


by Chad Mathews My Grandfather, Carl, spent a lifetime building walls. My uncle, Royce, followed in his footsteps. Between them, I imagine they’ve wrangled armies of bricks and blocks and stones. I spent a few weeks one summer laboring for Grandpa when I was 16 or so. I hauled every brick, shoveled every grain of sand, wheel-barrowed […]

Divine Independence – Ep 1

Who am I? In episode 1 of cannavibes podcast our host Rayne delves into both @onlymrmacks THC lotion but also the products from @calirootsok dispensary. She also discusses just what this channel is about and what to expect from here! Positive Vibes always!