A Better Bloom

A Better Bloom by Anna Ervin HERBAGE MAGAZINE Edmond local Cindy Keeton remembers eagerly watching the 788 movement unfold. She owned a flower shop for three years before launching a virtual and mobile doctor recommendation clinic, A Better Bloom Health and Wellness. “In my flower shop I would listen to podcasts about 788 and the […]

Josh Sallee

Flamingo by Anna Ervin It’s 2013. I’m at the gymnasium at my local university surrounded by cowboy hats and red solo cups. One of my friends is eager for me to hear a new artist he’s been listening to. Despite the number of steel-toed boots on the gym floor, I’m surprised to hear a handful […]

Spring Cleaning Is Never Too Late

by Kathy Long-Barker Jaw tight and tongue firmly against the roof of your mouth, you notice your hands are shaking. Your brow is tinged with sweat and though no particular words can be deciphered from your intense and abrupt exclamation, the air around you seems to be swirling with the anxious notes of a strange […]

Sonya Spears

by Anna Ervin   When I met local artist Sonya Spears at the Surf Bar in Shawnee, she was thrilled to have found another hangout spot with healthy options in her new community. Sonya had moved from OKC just before the pandemic and was only just now seeming to surface from the initial culture shock […]

by Anna Ervin In the heart of OKC lies one of Oklahoma’s best kept secrets, that even in farmer’s country you can find a deep-seeded love for plant-based food. Guests often stumble upon The Loaded Bowl, located across the street from OKC’s Farmers & Antique Markets, expecting the type of establishment that most of our […]

Romance and Strong Character

By Tab Moura My memories that come to mind, when I reflect on my rougher chronic illness years, are often bitter sweet. Early in my marriage my husband and I endured incredibly painful seasons of debt, unemployment, the push-and-pull of checking out, and angry words shared… but these were years that truly taught us to […]

Foraging in Tulsa with Justin Hope

by Anna Ervin When I was younger, I used to think Oklahoma’s landscapes were so bland. My family traveled a lot through the years, and I remember visiting states with clear blue ocean waters, or mountains blanketed in aspens and evergreens. I would think, why can’t I live somewhere like this. Somewhere that flaunts such […]

That’s Not a Potato

by James Bridges | Herbage Magazine “So we decided to grow the real big buds.” When I was a kid I had a vision of what it would look like to be a wild man.  I imagined I would of course own a helicopter, many unnecessary firearms, a pet grizzly or some sort of bizarre […]

Herbage Magazine May 2021 Issue 32

Digital edition of the May 2021 print issue of Herbage Magazine. Herb•age strives to bring you fresh content regularly. We cover a wide range of cannabis culture and medical marijuana-related issues from around the state of Oklahoma and beyond. In other words, It is our mission to be the voice of the growing cannabis industry […]

Kind Origins Cannabis

by Anna Ervin When Camron Owens began growing cannabis in his home garage during the early days of Oklahoma legalization, he knew he had found his calling. “I’ve been supporting cannabis since 2015 or so, and I just love the product. I love the plant.” With a little help from his Dad, Camron transformed a […]

Tyler Dodd Rides the Wind

by Michael Kinney In 2020 Tyler Dodd found himself sitting face to face with boxing legend Mike Tyson in Los Angeles. At the time Tyson was training for his comeback exhibition fight against Roy Jones Jr., but was carving out time from his schedule to meet with Dodd. Dodd, who is the CEO of Arco […]

Sophia Massad

by Anna Ervin If you have yet to tune into the locally produced Play It Loud series by award-winning independent filmmaker Adam Hampton, it’s time to indulge. Play It Loud is sponsored by our friends at Grand Casino and was the topic of discussion between my boss and I when the name Sophia Massad came […]

Where Did You Get All that Drip

by James Bridges | Herbage Magazine There’s an essence you get when certain people enter a room or conversation.  I can’t really pinpoint the exact emotion.  It’s the one when you are in a room with someone you’ve only seen through a screen.  Or that magnetic person that was up on stage spitting into a […]


By James Bridges | Herbage Magazine Finally after hearing and reading and talking back-and-forth I am able to sit down with this once cannabis prisoner, the “Genetics Man” himself, Brandon Rust. “When I go in there I put in the contract that any genetic material is my property. “That’s one of the reasons why some […]

High on Green Mountain

by James Bridges | Herbage Magazine Once, when I was very young, my little sister, brother, and I went on a canoe trip with my grandparents. Some of my most cherished memories come from the adventure road trips with them. One day it was a different kind of an adventure. We found ourselves in a […]

Easy Street Extracts

by Anna Ervin Nothing will solidify your love for humanity more than getting to explore the mindset of individuals who are passionate about helping Oklahoma patients find medicine that works for them. I had heard nothing but positive things about Easy Street Extracts, so I went into this interview with pretty high expectations. Josh Parsons, […]

Noble Nectar Extracts

Photo Credit: Miranda Cummings | Words by Anna Ervin When asked what drives the Noble Nectar team, founder and co-owner Preston Anderson, told me that “providing quality cannabis products for patients is the foundation and objective of Noble Nectar.” “We come from cannabis marketing, sales, and retail experience,” Preston explained. “We learned many lessons from […]

Medicated Lip Balm

5 Medicated Lip Balms + DIY Lip Scrub Recipe Note: This article originally stated that Simply Bare’s Feel This Lip Balm was 10mg, but has since been updated to reflect the correct dosage. Feel This Lip Balm contains 50mg of THC, and 50mg of Hemp Fat.  by Anna Ervin Two years ago, I was doing […]

Whimsical Imaginations

Whimsical Imaginations Cover Artist, Kathy Long by James Bridges | Herbage Magazine “A lot of my inspiration early on was escaping. I dealt with a lot of trauma as a child. I was always interested in the Whimsical types of things. I’ve always loved fairies and dragons and stuff like that.”  Kathy looked through her […]

Happy Hour Medicinals

Celebrating the Best Hour of the Day, Stigma-Free “We work tirelessly in an effort to produce the highest quality flower available in Oklahoma. At the end of the day, we’re producing a medicinal product so quality isn’t an option.”  by Veronica Castillo, Photo Credit: Happy Hour Medicinals– Instagram I am so happy to be the writer assigned to the small-batch […]

Dip Devices

The EVRI Device by Anna Ervin When the boss man invited me to write a product review over the EVRI device, I was thrilled. I’m not going to pretend that I’m the most experienced concentrate user in the industry, but your girl does love dabs. Why? Because they’re convenient, depending on the quality of product they can taste a lot better, and if I catch them […]

Solventless Medicine

by Anna Ervin I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Jeremy Babbitt of 918OG and I don’t think I have ever had the privilege of meeting someone so passionate about what they do. Whether he’s studying the composition and behaviors of different trichomes or designing the perfect water chilling system to process bubble […]

More Act

WILL THE MORE ACT LEGALIZE MARIJUANA ACROSS THE COUNTRY? by Sarah Lee Gossett Parrish, Cannabis Lawyer One of the questions I often am asked is whether, or when, Congress will legalize marijuana. Federal legislation has been introduced to accomplish this—either for medicinal purposes (CARERS Act of 2019) or for whatever purposes each particular state has […]

Red Tape in Ponca City

by Michael Kinney  All Sergio Villarruel wanted to do was open a marijuana dispensary in his hometown. He was one of the first people in Ponca City to apply for a license when SQ 788 was passed. At that point, it looked like it would be clear sailings and he and his wife Candace would […]

Habit Change

Are You Ready? by Amy Lee Well, we made it to December 2020. Most of us just barely hanging on by a thread, but here we are still standing, still breathing, and still fighting. That my friend is a celebration in itself. I can honestly say that 2020 has simultaneously been one of the worst […]

Authentic Energy

Kenny Wilmath – cover artist by James Bridges A college drop out with only one thing in mind…. Stop wasting time. When Kenny Wilmath was caught red-handed by his mom drawing a picture of his grandfather he never picked up art again until way far into his 4th grade of grammar school. Kenny had something […]

New Growth

by Tab Moura When this year began, my goals seemed so open and shut. I had multiple big opportunities on the horizon, and I just knew that this would be a year that launched me toward bigger and better things. I chose a word for this year, “fire,” thinking that this would be one of […]

Sun Grown in Living Soil

by Veronica Castillo Small Batch Farm in Oklahoma Highlight: Wild Hare Farms “We made the decision to grow outdoors under the sun, organically, in living soil and we’ve been striving for maximum sustainability ever since” Alex, a biologist by trade with a background in corporate oil and gas; and Paige, a photographer, natural minded mama […]

2020 Cowboy Cup Champions

Congratulations to the winners of The Cowboy Cup! This year, The Cowboy Cup awards were sweetened with gift packages from Oaksterdam University & LeafyPack. 1ST PLACE INDOOR FLOWER & GRAND CHAMPION Resonant Cultivation – Glazed Apricot Gelato $7500 LeafyPack credit, Full Ride Oaksterdam Scholarship   INDOOR FLOWER 2nd Zenoa Cannabis – Donkey Butter $5000 LeafyPack […]

From the Front Lines

by Chip Paul | Chief Innovator GnuPharma At this writing we are a few weeks away from perhaps the most important election in our history. Further, it seems our world is upside. Covid, corruption, rioting in US cities. What to make of it all? I tend to take the optimistic view. How do you create […]

Good Clean Livin’

by James Bridges Fun? It’s rare. Okay, I’ll stop stating the obvious right off the bat here. I show up in the middle of an afternoon to find two grown men having the time of their lives while at “work.” That’s rare. Brian Gammill, owner of Oklahoma Medicine, and Tim Jouett, man behind the curtain […]

Buckle Up

By Michael Kinney In 2016 Daniel Lewis took a trip to Santa Rosa, Calif. While the views of Sonoma County are amazing and touring the wineries can be enjoyable, that’s not why he took the 1,600 mile trip to the West Coast. Lewis was attending the Emerald Cup, which he describes as the biggest Cannabis […]

Grandfather of Alternative Rock

by Brittiany Ralls Ever see that little flower making its way through that concrete crack, not letting anything stop it from growing? Growing up in areas that aren’t always kind to those that are different doesn’t stop those who are different from existing, growing just like that flower, despite the concrete that tried to stop […]

At a glance

Haley Bell – Featured Artist by James Bridges Every month I continue to be amazed by great Oklahoma artists and creators.  That alone gives me joy enough to say that my job is pretty awesome.  This month I had the opportunity to glance at some art by Haley Bell.  With that glance something caught my […]