November Strainology

by Rayne Graham Your November 2020 horoscope and what Cannabis strain will help you get through it! Happy Thanksgiving!  Happy Scorpio Season! Since it is your time to shine dear Scorpio, we are going to start with your strainology first! November is going to be a time for fun and friends so be ready for a high energy level. You will also […]

Apparition Artistry

by Brittiany Adilas It’s time to get those creative juices flowing for all the hauntingly fun costumes to consider for arguably the best holiday, Halloween! If you are looking for some inspiration for those costumes, look no further than a local gal by the name of Kash Clemishire. Being born with a badass name just […]


I have always had a vision of what a father wasin my head. He’s the superhero. He is strongerthan anything. God-like. It’s funny to think aboutthose things now. I continue and probably alwayswill continue to have that vision in my mind. The one thing that really has opened my eyes is being a father myself. […]

The 1st Black Woman to have a Hemp Farmers License in Her County

Sheena Myers of GenoType by: Veronica Castillo Sheena Myers is the first black woman to have a hemp farming permit in her county, in South Carolina. This speaks volumes because, the cannabis industry is white male dominated. Her accomplishment extremely important, especially in the south, because representation matters- women grow! In 2020, she launched GenoType, […]


by Brittiany Adilas Family is everything for most people. Which is exactly what “Ohana” means, family. It’s not just your immediate family either. It’s all the family that “your family” encompasses. For quite a few mixing Ohana and cannabis has been taboo. But, that wasn’t the case for Alicia Napualani Kamakeeaina Grass. Her love for […]

Happy Mother’s Day

by Tab Moura Happy Mother’s Day to the mamas brave enough to open the gate, bringing hope to thousands of children, never asking for applause. May you be supported and sustained to continue doing your valuable work. Thank you for standing your ground and giving your children your unconditional support.   Pediatric Cannabis Therapy: The […]

Every month Herbage Magazine features a patient. These patients need a break! Moon Pie Inn on the beautiful Shawnee Twin Lakes Easy Street Extracts and US have put our brains together to give one of those patients a break! In-fact, 4 times year we will randomly choose one of those patients that we feature to […]


by Amy Lee It’s day 5654 of self-quarantine and like many of you, the snacks are slowly taking over my household and attempting to expand my waistline. Personally, having a surplus of food in the house has been a trigger for unhealthy habits as well as increasing my anxiety levels. It triggers one of the […]

Patient of the Month – Meka Stewart

Oklahoma cannabis patients, like the rest of the state’s green industry, have gained a reputation for being especially enthusiastic about cannabis. We have over 5% of the state’s population as patients now, people are stepping out of the canna-closet, sharing their use with anyone who cares to see or listen, and in doing so, are […]

So Mush Love

by Brittney Graham Since the beginning of time early humanity has been interested in mycology, the study of mushroom and fungi. Thanks to their extensive research we know that there are six different types of fungi: edible, ornamental, medicinal, contaminant, venomous, and entheogens. We are going to be focusing on entheogen fungi, which is also […]

Herb•age Magazine – January 2020

Herb•age strives to bring you fresh content every month. We cover a wide range of cannabis culture and medical marijuana-related issues from around the state of Oklahoma and beyond. In other words, It is our mission to be the voice of the growing cannabis industry in the state. Through fair and open discourse we hope […]

Recreational Petition Filed

The recreational marijuana initiative petition, filed as State Question 806 would add an amendment to the Constitution, which would generally legalize, regulate and tax adult-use marijuana under state law. The petition proposes that taxes fund education, municipalities and state grant programs. The tax revenue would go into a new fund. Oklahoma’s Legislature would have the […]