Acceptance. By James Bridges I had no idea of the extremely high speeds in which this vessel would achieve. I strapped in and looked forward to what I assumed would be one of the most important rides of my existence.  “All aboard!” Comes from a faint voice in the distance. There’s a tunnel of sorts. […]

The Cannxiety Chronicles – Part 1

The Cannxiety Chronicles  Part 1 By Charles “Uncle Chuck” Duncan When I mention that I teach weed, the common reply I hear is, “What’s there to teach? You get high”.  As an advocate, this is frustrating. Treating cannabis like a weekend party drug ignores thousands of years of history and millions of personal testimonials. Instead […]

How I Overcame My Fear of Terpinolene (and my fear in the process)

How I Overcame My Fear of Terpinolene (and my fear in the process) by Anna Ervin It’s no secret that the terpene profile is an important factor to consider when shopping for cannabis. This data offers patients a deeper look at the aroma, flavor, and experience that each strain might offer, especially in conjunction with […]

Universal Cannabis 101 CB1&2 Receptors

Universal Cannabis 101 CB1&2 Receptors by Jasmine Harvey The Endocannabinoid System or ECS for short, is the backbone of keeping you regulated within yourself. Our CB1 and CB2 receptors play a major part in delivering your cannabinoids to the right locations. Just like our ECS, our CB1 & CB2 receptors occur naturally in mammals. They […]

GOT YOUR SIX By Michael Kinney Adam Grover knows what it means to live in some dark places. After doing eight years in the United States Marine Corps and returning to the real world, he often found himself delving into some scary thoughts and feelings.    Nothing Grover tried helped him until he discovered medicinal […]

The Devil Went Down to Ardmore; a Patient’s Story of Resilience Despite the Odds

The Devil Went Down to Ardmore; a Patient’s Story of Resilience Despite the Odds By Jessi Lane Amelia is a compassionate woman who gives everything she’s got to the cause. She cares deeply about people and shares her cannabis as medicine knowledge with those in need.  At her age she has lived more lives than […]


 FREE ENTERPRISE REIGNS IN OKLAHOMA’S MMJ SYSTEM!  by Sarah Lee Gossett Parrish, Cannabis Lawyer1  1 Information contained herein provides general information related to the law and does not provide legal advice. It is recommended that readers consult their personal lawyer if they want legal advice. No attorney-client or confidential relationship exists or is formed between […]

New Year Numerology 

New Year Numerology  by Anna Ervin  BOOK TAROT FOR YOUR EVENT  CONTACT Cannabanana ON INSTAGRAM  One year ago I wrote an article titled “building foundations,” which explored the overall theme for the years 2020 and 2021, according to a practice called numerology. Numerology is the belief that the numbers 1-9 each embody their own unique vibrational […]

Rose: January 2022 Cover

Rose by James Bridges It was late and I needed to go to sleep.  I couldn’t allow my mind to settle, so I  scrolled… Sticking out for me to push  play was a look of passion as someone  was recording themselves while driving. “I don’t know if this is weird, but it’s really impromptu.” I […]

Translation – (Strain of the Month)

Translation – (Strain of the Month) By James Bridges Clanging of mind monkeys play in the background. I wanted to focus on what was in front of me. Clang’, clang’ away monkeys… In an instant my perspective on life had changed the night before. The level of balance achieved could not be verbally explained without […]

The Gaffney

The Gaffney By Michael Kinney From 2015-20 one of the hottest television shows was “Empire,” the fictional drama focused on the Lyon family, which had started from the ground up to build an empire in the music industry. While the show featured banging music and eye-catching fashion, the core of the show was about a […]

The Cowboy Cup Cured Resin Cartridge Winners

The Cowboy Cup Cured Resin Cartridge Winners By Carisa Rowe Cured Resin Dried and cured resin is the base extract in a significant number of cannabis concentrates, including vape cartridges. Coveted for its full spectrum experience, cured resin boasts high potencies while keeping valuable terpene profiles intact, resulting in a more complete medicating experience. Resin, […]

Big Houses

Big Houses by Anna Ervin   For as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of one day having a big family. Those who know me well are probably laughing as they read this (I’ve never been a fan of the idea of having kids), but today we’re not talking about family in the […]

Nice To Catch Up

Nice To Catch Up By James Bridges Growing up I often had a lot of “cool” friends. One of my best was considered somewhat of a catch to the many qualified individuals standing in line to be his next girlfriend. I found out the other day that he is now growing cannabis commercially here in […]

24-Carat Trajectory

24-Carat Trajectory by Contracted Writer   They say the Snozzberries taste like Snozzberries. Now, I don’t know what a Snozzberrry tastes like, but I do know the Golden Trends Reserve unique 100% glass one gram Snozzberry cartridge is sure to be Golden Trend’s best seller, offering a delectable, quenching flavor profile you can only expect […]

Thin Green Line

Thin Green Line By Charles “Uncle Chuck” Duncan The difference between Recreational and Medicinal Cannabis is a topic that brings much debate. Personally, I think the only difference is Tax Rate and Accessibility. Some say it’s all Recreational. Others say it’s all Medicinal. I tend to follow the philosophy that to have a healthy smile […]

Canadian Cultivator in Oklahoma Committed to Producing only Top Shelf Medicine: Canokie Buds

Canadian Cultivator in Oklahoma Committed to Producing only Top Shelf Medicine: Canokie Buds Feminine Divine by Veronica Castillo   “It took just diving in and putting myself out there to find out.” From northern Ontario to the southern region of the United States (though, in cannabis, Oklahoma is considered the wild west), Holly Mills with […]

Universal Cannabis 101  – Endocannabinoid System, cont’d

Universal Cannabis 101  Endocannabinoid System, cont’d by Jasmine Harvey HERBAGE MAGAZINE The  Endocannabinoid System or ECS for short, to your immune system, nervous system and organs. It is the backbone of keeping you regulated within yourself. Due to the legalities of cannabis we are just discovering the many ways our endocannabinoid system works. It is […]

The Seed of Life 

The Seed of Life    By Brook Miller   I am extremely grateful for the Oklahoma cannabis community. I feel forever indebted to the community as a whole. To be writing this today is surreal.    For all of us to have a platform to help others because cannabis is beyond me. Cannabis saved my […]

Oklahoma’s Fresh Sesh Spots

Oklahoma’s Fresh Sesh Spots by Anna Ervin What truly sets Oklahoma apart from other cannabis-friendly states, is that SQ 788 was set up to allow cannabis patients to medicate anywhere that cigarette smoke is allowed. Granted, private businesses and establishments may have their own set of rules, creating a bit of uncertainty around where it […]

The Source of Santa’s Magic

The Source of Santa’s Magic By Carisa Rowe for Herbage Magazine, December 2021 Before you read this article, Google “old school Christmas cards”. Use retro, vintage, or even Victorian as descriptors. In fact, Google “Victorian Christmas cards” because – well, I don’t wanna spoil your trip. When you return from your journey through the Christmas […]

Take My Arm

Take My Arm By James Bridges If you’ve ever had a spider bite you know the discomfort feeling. It’s somewhere between the itch of a mosquito bite and the deep tingling of an open wound. It’s rather irritating and strange. I discovered such a bite on my arm a couple of weeks ago. Instantly I […]

Going Bananas

Going Bananas By James Bridges Everyone noticed. Having a thought is one thing. Acting upon that thought is a completely different experience. Once you are in it, you are in it. The experience… I told her to sit next to me as we rode around on the bus. I wanted to talk about what had […]

See You There

See You There By Carisa Rowe The Cowboy Cup and Daniel Lewis, founder of the competition, aims to be the nation’s most respected cannabis championship.   The two-day event features Oklahoma’s finest cannabis brands competing for a first-place win that earns much respect from consumers and industry players alike. A win at The Cowboy Cup […]

Anything But Old Timey

Anything But Old Timey By Carisa Rowe From Route 62, The Lettuce Bar resembles a modern roadside saloon. Under a shady awning supported by cedar beams and railing sits a quaint covered wagon, intended to let weary travelers know they are invited to stop and sit a spell. The blue, flat-topped storefront is embellished with […]

Life Of Katz

Life Of Katz By Kathy Long-Barker GOOD MOOOOOOORNIN’ OK- LA-HOMA!! This is not a drill! This is the mass awakening! This is Rock’n’roll, to boldly channel our beloved Robin Williams. I miss you buddy, every damned day. OK!! Is it too early to be that capse locked? WOAH TOO LATE! Speaking of late, it’s never […]

It All Starts On a DIME

It All Starts On a DIME By Carisa Rowe Dime Industries took cannabis vaping to the next level when they created their proprietary vape batteries and cartridges. Initially a white labeling company, they purchased empty cartridges and filled them with cannabis oil under a variety of brand names. The early technology for vaping was flawed, […]

Sowing The Seed – Part 13

Sowing The Seed By Chet Tucker   As we spanned into consumption methods with the last “Sowing the Seed” edition, we covered the number one desired method … smoking flower. Though it stands upon the peak, there are many other “quieter” methods to consuming that fall right behind smoking raw flower. And these other methods […]

Thanks to Charles

Thanks to Charles by James Bridges   I met Charles in a weird spot. We were both 19-years- old and both completely out of our element. I had just made a move away from Oklahoma into a world of unknown possibilities and he was the same. It just so happened that his family was from […]


THE TRUE, DARK HISTORY OF THANKSGIVING By Mary Belle Zook Provided By Citizen Potawatomi Nation Public Information Although many Potawatomi and others across the United States celebrate Thanksgiving, the factual history behind the holiday is something to be less than thankful for. While communing with loved ones and showing appreciation for the bounties and gifts […]

Cannabis-Lover’s Gift Guide 2021

Cannabis-Lover’s Gift Guide 2021 By Bee Miller Herbage Ambassdor Tis’ the season to be jolly, so let’s get the jolliest with cannabis in your stocking this year. Innovative products are hitting your holiday shelves everyday. From CBD to THC, there is something for everyone in the family. This holiday gift guide will start the year […]

Positively Zenoa

Positively Zenoa By Carisa Rowe Zenoa believes in clean medicine. The founders, Dave Zanon and George Ulloa, began their cannabis journey as caregivers, working with fellow advocates to develop a collective serving medical cannabis patients. The collective cultivated medical grade cannabis for its patients and provided information and tools intended to assist individuals on their […]


OKLAHOMA’S RESIDENCY REQUIREMENTS: WILL THEY SURVIVE ANOTHER FEDERAL COURT CHALLENGE?  by Sarah Lee Gossett Parrish,  Cannabis Lawyer I previously explored Oklahoma’s residency requirements applicable to medical marijuana business licensees in my article, “ARE OMMA’S RESIDENCY REQUIREMENTS UNCONSTITUTIONAL?”, where I commented on the change in residency requirements for OMMA licensees imposed by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana […]

Ganja of the Gods

Ganja of the Gods By Charles “Uncle Chuck” Duncan The Hindu God Shiva is a cannabis fan. In fact, cannabis has been welcomed in many different religions. Shunned and forbidden in others. Similar to its role in humanity. Revered and then to be rejected in the span of thousands of years. The vast majority of […]

Universal Cannabis 101  – Endocannabinoid System 

Universal Cannabis 101  Endocannabinoid System  by Jasmine Harvey Have you ever wondered how cannabis works synergistically with your body? That is all thanks to your Endocannabinoid System or ECS for short. The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is what helps keep the Human body in Homeostasis as the Master Regulatory System. The ECS is composed of cannabinoid […]